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GeoCue and Microdrones Welcome Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. to their Distribution Network

Together, the Companies Create a Cooperative Partnership to Advance Geospatial Solutions

GeoCue and Microdrones, leading providers of geospatial solutions, are excited to announce that Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. has joined its global distribution network. Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. has been in business for 34 years, earning a reputation for excellence and unmatched customer service in the fields of construction, surveying, GIS/mapping, engineering, and forensics through sales, service repair, rentals, training and technical support of top-quality laser, optical and positioning equipment, field supplies and accessories.

Founded in 1990, Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. began as a company focused on the repair of construction lasers. Over the years, they have expanded their offerings to include laser, optical, GPS/GNSS equipment, 3D scanning, hydrographic surveying, aerial mapping, mobile mapping, monitoring and more, establishing themselves as trusted partners for their clients by providing comprehensive support from concept to completion. They have a dedicated team of veteran staff committed to delivering quality solutions that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. serves the northeast via its 7 locations throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, and their decision to partner with GeoCue and Microdrones as distributors reflects their commitment to providing specialized drone surveying equipment, software, and custom solutions to meet the demands of our modern world. They are now authorized to provide TrueView 3D Imaging Sensorsfully integrated systems from Microdrones, and LP360 LiDAR Processing Software.

When asked about the decision to collaborate with GeoCue, Mark Maximovich, the CFO of Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. stated, “We pride ourselves on only providing precise and reliable technology that we can put our own name and faith behind. GeoCue’s TrueView solutions for aerial mapping and surveying LIDAR impressed us in terms of their superb quality, and partnering with GeoCue was an easy decision.”

Precision Laser Instruments, Inc. is now authorized to provide fully integrated systems from Microdrones, LP360 Software and TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors, like the TrueView 535.

This partnership is particularly exciting for Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. as they continue to expand their aerial mapping and drone surveying solutions. Anthony Pascuzzi, the GeoSpatial Technology Director, looks forward to continued growth. “We see it as a natural progression in our journey towards providing a full portfolio of precision positioning solutions,” he said. “This allows us to offer a wider, more robust set of technologies specifically-designed to meet the rigorous demands of differing projects. By joining forces with GeoCue, a company renowned for its expertise in this field, we are poised to bring even more value to our customers and help them succeed.”

Customers who have worked with Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. trust their expertise and commitment to providing comprehensive support throughout the product life cycle. This is why Aaron Beach, the sales manager for Microdrones and GeoCue thought the partnership was a great match. “Precision Laser and Instrument has a “concept to completion support” philosophy that ensures that clients receive full-service solutions,” Beach explains. “Similar to our belief in 100% customer support, their team is on board from the initial sale, backed by certified technicians and an in-house support staff. Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. is dedicated to helping their clients succeed, focusing not only on the product but also on meeting individual needs.”

PLI provides sales, service, rentals, training and “concept to completion support” of the highest quality laser, optical, and GPS equipment and related technologies through strong, long-term relationships with our customers.

About Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc.

Established in 1990, Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. is a renowned leader in providing top-quality laser, optical, and GPS equipment solutions for the construction, surveying, GIS/mapping, engineering and forensics industries. With a firm commitment to excellence, Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. has cultivated a reputation for delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction through a comprehensive range of services, including sales, service repair, rentals, training and “concept to completion support.”

Their dedicated team of experts specializes in cutting-edge positioning technologies, ensuring clients receive the highest level of domain knowledge and technical expertise. As trusted partners in their clients’ businesses, they go beyond selling products, offering fully customized solutions that maximize the return on equipment investments and contribute to ultimate business success. Precision Laser and Instrument, Inc. has set the industry standard for precision solutions and enduring customer relationships.

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