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Meet the new UAV sales leaders from Navigation Electronics, Inc.

Navigation Electronics, Inc. (NEI) is one of the leading distributors of Microdrones surveying equipment and now they’ve added TrueView 3D Imaging Systems from GeoCue and LP360 Drone LiDAR and photogrammetry data processing software to their portfolio of GI and surveying equipment.

To keep up with the growing demand for drone surveying equipment, while continuing to provide the highest level of customer support, NEI is pleased to announce they’ve hired 2 new UAV sales professionals. Please join us in welcoming Michael Broker, Director of Drone, GIS Sales, and Mark Forsyth, Sales Director, Drone Services. Learn more about their experience, new roles, and their advice for getting started with drone surveying equipment in the video below.

Meet the New NEI UAV Sales Leaders

NEI is known for its geospatial problem-solving ability and for providing its expertise to enable customers to apply the best solution possible. Every aspect of their business is customer focused, from the GIS professionals on staff to their service and administration team. This customer-focused reputation is what led Mark Forsyth to come work for NEI.

Forsyth brings over 20 years of experience in the geospatial sales industry, working mainly in the Baton Rouge area and the southeastern United States. “The reason I chose to work for NEI,” he explained, “is they provide the leading edge in drone surveying technology, sensors, and equipment and we can focus on helping our customers find innovative ways to use drone technology to grow their business.

Michael Broker’s career in the geospatial industry started about 30 years ago, throughout the state of Florida, working in environmental, engineering, emergency management, and renewable energy development.  Through these various experiences, he worked with NEI and came to understand the resources and knowledge base they had.  “Over the last seven or eight years, I’ve been working with drones, so when the opening to join the professionals at NEI came up, especially knowing how much of a market leader the company is, it was an exciting opportunity I could not pass up.”

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Why should a customer choose to work with NEI?

NEI is a complete solution provider that sells, rents, and services Microdrones Integrated Systems, TrueView 3D Imaging Systems, LP360 Drone software, Mapping/GIS, Surveying/Construction equipment, and technology from Trimble and other leading manufacturers.

Broker was a customer of NEI before joining the company as the director of drone and GIS sales. This experience gave him a unique perspective on the value of NEI customer support. “I knew NEI as the premiere geospatial hardware company in the region,” said Broker. “As a former customer myself, I knew that the support level was just unmatched. So, I looked forward to contributing to the depth of knowledge that NEI is known for and providing unparalleled customer support.”

Forsyth also recognized the high level of support and professionalism customers have come to expect from the professionals at NEI. “For me, it’s not only that we sell some of the best equipment out there, but it’s the customer support that puts NEI head and shoulders above anyone else.  Our team takes great pride in making sure our customers have the solutions that meet their needs and the full support for their projects and day-to-day operations.”

NEI has been successful by understanding its customer’s needs, providing the right tools for the job, and earning their trust through localization and expertise.

“I’ve been in the customer’s shoes for many years myself,” said Broker. “I understand how limited resources and time can affect a project. NEI provides access to a local presence. That means our customers can pick up the phone and have an expert in the field available almost in real-time.  That makes a huge difference in getting projects turned around and deliverables created on schedule.”

What advice would you give to a business ready that wants to add drone surveying equipment

Drone technology supplied by NEI can help customers collect data more efficiently and safely while cutting costs, saving time, and converting data into useful information. However, adopting new and emerging technology, like LiDAR and drone surveying equipment, can be a challenge to local customers.

Forsyth wants his customers to understand that they have nothing to fear when it comes to drone LiDAR technology. “Drones can cut time spent on projects in half or better,” he explained. “We can show our customers how they can easily integrate drone surveying into their daily workflow very quickly, working with their existing staff.”

The adoption of the technology is growing as costs come down and LiDAR becomes more available. That’s why Broker says, “Now is the time. LiDAR has become mainstream. I used to look at LiDAR as this black box of super-complicated workflows and equipment. Over the last few months, I’ve learned how much easier workflows have become and it’s just a solid surveying solution that’s attainable by any surveying business to save hours or days in the field.”

What does it mean for your customers to offer a full portfolio of LiDAR and software solutions

In September 2022, NEI joined the global distribution network for GeoCue. This means in addition to providing the full product offering from Microdrones, they are now authorized to sell TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors and LP360 Drone LiDAR & photogrammetry, providing their customers with the most comprehensive set of solutions and software for drone LiDAR and mapping in the market.

This gives Broker the ability to help his customers select the best tool for the job, especially if they’re already using drone technology. “The TrueView system has been engineered to integrate with a wide selection of drone technology and it gives our customer base the ability to integrate with high-quality drone LiDAR + dual mapping cameras. There’s a whole range of high precision devices to choose from.”

Forsyth also sees this as a great opportunity for NEI customers to benefit from having access to the full portfolio of LiDAR and processing software. “Being able to offer TrueView Sensors in addition to the fully integrated Microdrones systems opens our market,” explains Forsyth. “Now, we can provide additional services to customers who may already have drones that can integrate with the TrueView technology.”

If you’re in the market for drone surveying equipment, both Michael Broker and Mark Forsyth can help you learn more about the entire portfolio of TrueView sensors, Microdrones fully integrated systems, and our geospatial data processing software LP360 now available at NEI.

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