Workshop: Getting Started with Drone Mapping

Learn how to drastically reduce the time it takes to collect and process data.

LP360 Drone & TrueView Workshop - Europe

Onsite in Siegen, Germany or Toulouse, France

With the right technology, drone mounted LiDAR systems can improve efficiency on mapping applications by drastically reducing the time it takes to collect and process data. In this FREE 2-day workshop, we will explore the best practices for drone mapping including the hardware and software components needed to successfully complete projects.

Day 1: Flight Operations and Preliminary Data Processing

  • How to maximize flight plans
  • Drone and Sensor components and how they affect final collections
  • Best Practices for High Accuracy Collection
  • How Field QA/QC Saves time and Money

Day 2: Ground Classification and Derivative Products

  • Adaptive TIN Algorithm – What You Need to Know
  • Working With Point Cloud Tasks (PCTs) (Hands-On)
  • Accuracy Assessment, Debias and Dealing With Noise
  • Data Smoothing (Hand-On)
  • Automatic Ground Classification (Hands-On)
  • Ground Class Cleanup & Manual Editing Tools. (Hands-On)
  • Classification Strategies, Additional Tools and Macros
  • Data Thinning (Hands-On)
  • Using the Export Wizard

If you are unable to attend an in-person event, check out our virtual training options: North America & Europe.

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