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Drone LiDAR CSI Night Demonstration at Com UAV

See how Drone LiDAR can be used for aerial surveying at a crime scene.

Crime scenes demand meticulous attention to detail for effective evidence collection and preservation while ensuring the safety of law enforcement, rescue personnel, and investigators. Drone LiDAR technology is transforming the landscape of Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), delivering unparalleled insights, accuracy, and efficiency. Now, you can see for yourself!

Join us at this year’s Commercial UAV Expo to witness a live demonstration: Drone LiDAR CSI at Night. Mark your calendars for Wednesday, September 06, from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM, where the action unfolds in the parking area behind Ceasars Forum.

Sundance Media GroupKuker-Ranken, GeoCue, our sister company Microdrones, and public safety personnel will demonstrate how to achieve scene capture in the dark, with a drone, capable of 2D and 3D mapping and modeling. These same techniques may be applied to virtually any type of night scene capture.

The all new EasyOne Drone LiDAR system takes center stage, soaring above to gather detailed LiDAR data. This data culminates in a comprehensive, accurate 3D point cloud that aids in evidence collection.

The process doesn’t stop there—attendees will witness the rapid data processing in LP360 for immediate insight and validation of image capture and scene integrity. Attendees will also have access to view the data in LP360 at either the Microdrones/GeoCue booth 509 or at the Sundance Media Booth 128 the following day, in the exhibit hall.

Safeguarding and preserving a crime scene is a pivotal aspect of the investigation and drone LiDAR makes the process safer and more efficient. Maintaining scene integrity necessitates securing the area and monitoring access to prevent contamination. This prudent approach ensures that the evidence gathered remains admissible in court.

Navigating the boundaries set by investigative teams requires drone operators with a deep understanding of the field’s nuances. Douglas Spotted Eagle, Founder & Director of Educational Programming at Sundance Media Group, along with his experienced team, have extensively collaborated with law enforcement on real-world crime scenes. Their invaluable expertise empowers partners and customers, imparting the best practices to harness drone technology effectively.

The data harvested by Drone LiDAR is a game-changer, profoundly enhancing investigations through comprehensive documentation. Every detail is meticulously captured, presenting an intricately detailed documentation of the crime scene. LP360 software takes the analysis to new heights with complete orthophotos and in-depth analysis of the 3D model, captured within a point cloud.

If you’re attending this year’s Commercial UAV Expo, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the EasyOne drone LiDAR system in action at the Drone LiDAR CSI Demonstration. To receive a Free Exhibit Hall Only Pass or $100 off a Full conference registration, register at and enter UAVA2330144 when prompted to enter a promo code.

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