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GeoCue Announces Three New TrueView 3D Imaging Systems and Introduces FLEX Pricing Model at Geo Week 2024

The addition of 3 new TrueView LiDAR Systems and FLEX pricing options helps expand the Market for Drone Mapping Hardware

GeoCue, a pioneer in geospatial hardware and software solutions, has set the stage for a groundbreaking year with the introduction of three new TrueView LiDAR Systems and an innovative FLEX pricing plan. This strategic move not only solidifies GeoCue’s position as a market leader but also addresses the increasing demand for comprehensive drone mapping hardware.

The newly launched TrueView 3D Imaging systems include the TrueView 540, the TrueView 545, and the TrueView 585, each catering to distinct market needs. To complement these additions, GeoCue is also introducing the innovative FLEX pricing options on flagship models TrueView 515 and 535 payloads.

TrueView 540 by CHC LiDAR sensor
The all-new TrueView 540 is a new generation of intelligent aerial surveying system from CHCNAV powered with LP360 processing software. 

TrueView 540: Expanding High-End LiDAR Technology with Competitive Pricing

In collaboration with CHC Navigation, GeoCue introduces the TrueView 540, a survey-grade LiDAR system that combines high-performance capabilities with competitive pricing, addressing the expanding market for UAV LiDAR.

Vivien Heriard-Dubreuil, CEO of GeoCue parent company mdGroup is pleased to bring the new technology to market. “The TrueView 540 not only boasts survey-grade LiDAR technology, but it also has unique market presence,” the CEO said. “The product is both a best-in-class LIDAR sensor paired with best-in-class LP360 processing software. Moreover, the collaboration between GeoCue and CHCNAV ensures that this high-performance LiDAR solution comes at an attractive price point, advancing the UAV LiDAR market.”

TrueView 535 sensor
Pictured above: The all-new TrueView 545 3D Imaging System with 45 Megapixel Nadir Camera and Optional Mobile Mapping Capability.

TrueView 545 3D Imaging System: Leave the Base Station in the Truck

The next new product in the portfolio is the TrueView 545 3D Imaging System featuring a 45 Megapixel Nadir Camera and Optional Mobile Mapping Capability. The system also includes unlimited access to PP-RTX eliminating the time-consuming need to set up a base station in the field.

“Thanks to the unlimited PP-RTX access,” explains Frank Darmayan, CEO of GeoCue, “you can save valuable time in the field by not setting up a base station. We’ve also integrated a 45-megapixel camera, increasing the photogrammetry quality, while maintaining the large field view of 113, to colorize the pointcloud.”

The all-new TrueView 585 3D imaging system is our most affordable NDAA compliant system and features three cameras and longer-range LiDAR.

TrueView 585: NDAA Compliant System with Extended Capabilities

Rounding out the new entries is TrueView 585 which extends GeoCue’s portfolio of NDAA compliant systems. The 585 Features three cameras and a higher point density for an entry level NDAA compliant system.

“We’ve listened to our customers, and in response to the growing demand for NDAA compliance, we are excited to introduce an entry-level NDAA compliant LiDAR system,” said Vincent Legrand, Global VP of Sales. “This addition not only offers high resolution and longer-range detection, but represents our most affordable, NDAA-compliant, system.”

FLEX Pricing: A Comprehensive Solution Empowering Customers

GeoCue’s commitment to customer value is further underscored by the introduction of FLEX pricing for TrueView 515 and 535 payloads. This pricing model offers users a chance to acquire TrueView payloads at an attractive price while introducing a simplified and efficient yearly subscription model for LP360 software.

Vincent Legrand elaborates, “FLEX Pricing is more than just a pricing strategy; it’s a strategic response to industry demands. By introducing FLEX, we empower our customers with a comprehensive solution, seamlessly integrating field-proven technology and LP360 software. FLEX allows you to conserve working capital, improve cash flow, and achieve a strong Return on Investment, making it a comprehensive and forward-thinking choice for our valued customers.”

Version C Upgrades for TrueView 515 and 535

In conjunction with the Flex pricing announcement, GeoCue has also improved these 2 best-selling TrueView 3D Imaging Sensors with upgraded cameras. “The 515 Version C system is now upgraded with two new oblique 26 MP Cameras,” said Darmayan. “Also, our popular 535 Version C now comes with two 26 MP oblique cameras and a third 26 MP nadir camera to improve photogrammetry deliverables. Furthermore, the optional mobile mapping capability available in the 535 further expands the utility and versatility of our offerings.”

GeoCue continues to lead the way in providing cutting-edge geospatial solutions, offering unparalleled products, and pricing options to meet the evolving needs of geospatial professionals globally. The new products will be launched at Geo Week 2024 and available beginning in March 2024. The TrueView 515 and 535 FLEX options are available immediately.

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