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Where Can You Find the Top LiDAR and Processing Software

GeoCue partners with Earl Dudley to provide drone surveying equipment and software for processing data.

GeoCue, known as a leader in the Lidar mapping and processing industry, works with leading companies to deploy and build scalable LiDAR and drone mapping software and hardware to help users achieve successful data collection, processing, and management. That’s why Earl Dudley, LLC is one of our premier distributors, serving the southern United States.

Learn more about the partnership between GeoCue and Earl Dudley, and how they work together to exceed the customer’s expectations in the video below.

A Solid Partnership

Since 1938, Earl Dudley, LLC has been a leading provider of surveying, mapping, industrial, and construction measurement instruments throughout the southeast United States. Their specialties include UAV Mapping, 3D Laser Scanning, Machine Control, Mobile Mapping, Surveying, and GNSS.

Adam Arrington, President of Earl Dudley, LLC, explains that the company does more than provide the product. “I would say there are many different reasons that separate us from our competitors,” he said “Principally, it’s our longevity in the market. It’s our skill set of diversity and the incredible depth of experience of our personnel. They come from many different facets within this industry and we combine all of those into a very unique solution of both products and services that we serve our customers with.

The team at GeoCue welcomes the dedication to customers and the focus on providing the best technology solutions.  Madelyne McNabb, the director of business development at GeoCue, appreciates the partnership between the two companies. “What makes Earl Dudley stand out, in terms of the dealers that we work with at GeoCue, is that they’re so hands-on with their customers,” she explained.” Knowing that we can partner with a distributor, that’s going to deliver excellent support to their customers, and understand our products very well, truly makes them an extension of our company.”

Customer insight

Customers also appreciate the extra support and knowledge provided by the team at Earl Dudley.  Brooks Blakey, the director of SUAS sales for Earl Dudley, understands how important it is to be accessible for his customers. “I’ve had customers call or text me as early as 6 am on Saturdays, and I encourage them to do that,” Blakey says. “Our customers have invested significant resources into this equipment and I’ve always encouraged them to reach out for support. Whether it’s to help them with a particular project, whether it fits a particular issue that they’re having with their current equipment, we are here to help them succeed.”

Letelmetrics, a full-service civil engineering firm, is a customer of Earl Dudley. Their team provides a wide range of professional services, including construction, precision agriculture, and more using some of the latest drone lidar and photogrammetry technology from GeoCue, provided by Earl Dudley.

John Downing, the V.P. of Operations for Letelmetrics, relies on their use of drones and the latest technology to place his company at the forefront of the industry. Working with the Earl Dudley team ensures they can remain a leader and find the latest and greatest technology.

“From our first purchase, they have provided phenomenal customer service,” Downing says. “The owner of Earl Dudley goes out of his way, on every job, to support us. Whether we’re in the field or even out of state, they always make sure to get us what we need.”

If your business is in the market for drone surveying equipment and processing software, Earl Dudley can help you find the right products for the job. To get started, talk to one of our sales managers today.

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